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In order to ease the transition for former FullSteam Labs customers, we have chosen to honor the same managed service parameters they provided in the CoPilot package, of which all former FSL customers were under.  Since we won't be doing significant development work for you, this only includes hosting specific parameters, the one change is that we won't be maintaining your sites custom code in a separate system for you.

We'll be maintaining your current pricing, as some of you had discounts with Full Steam Labs, and we'll honor that pricing for at least one year from September 1, 2022.


Managed Hosting: Copilot

This plan is best suited for standard websites that mostly consist of static marketing material and basic web content such as text, images, links, and contact forms.

FullSteam will provide ongoing WordPress maintenance including:

  • Apply updates to WordPress core, plugins*, and themes regularly and as needed.
  • Restore website if any WordPress updates result in conflicts or malfunction.
  • Robust backup system for website files and database.
  • Website hosting optimized for speed.
  • Website uptime monitoring with checks every 5 minutes and notifications that ensure quick response time, minimizing the site’s downtime during regular business hours.
  • Monitor site for security vulnerabilities and provide free website rollback to the previous version in the event of a hack.
  • Manage PHP version upgrades.
  • Always free SSL certificate for HTTPS.
  • Priority scheduling for future development needs.
  • Price includes up to 25k monthly visits, with $2.50/1000 visits over 25k.

Price – $125 / month

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